Természetgyógyász tanfolyam esetén milyen időbeosztás felelne meg Önnek leginkább?
Ma 2021. October 18., Monday, Lukács napja van. Holnap Nándor napja lesz.
Természetgyógyász Tanfolyamok, Szemináriumok

Természetgyógyász Tanfolyamok, Szemináriumok

GYEMSZI ETI vizsgára felkészítő és egyéb továbbképző szakmai tanfolyamok. Egészségügyi Alapmodul, Természetgyógyászati Alpamodul, Fülakupunktúrás Addiktológia, Továbbképző Szemináriumok

Webshop: auriculoterápia - könyvek, térképek, meridián-diagnosztika

Webshop: auriculoterápia - könyvek, térképek, meridián-diagnosztika

Nézzen be webshopunkba, ahol auriculoterápiával kapcsolatos könyvek, fültérképek, MeriDiM® meridián-diagnosztikai műszer és szoftver-modulok vásárolhatóak.

MeriDiM® Meridián-Diagnosztika

MeriDiM® Meridián-Diagnosztika

MeriDiM® az integratív medicina szolgálatában. TÁRS a sikerhez!

Fogyókúra, Dohányzásról leszoktatás, Stresszoldás...

Fogyókúra, Dohányzásról leszoktatás, Stresszoldás...

Legyen egyensúlyban az Ön egészsége is! Fogyókúra, dohányzásról leszoktatás, stresszoldás és egyéb betegségek kezelése fülakupunktúrával.

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We offer you a Basic 2 Days Seminar (seminar I) and an Advanced 2 Days Seminar (Seminar II) of Auriculotherapy either in Budapest or in any cities of any chosen country on request.

Top 8 arguments in favour of auriculotherapy:

thick it is fast having an immediate effect
thick easy to learn
thick applicable in itself or as a complementary treatment
thick a scientifically proven therapy
thick a therapy recommended by the WHO to cure 150 types of diseases
thick easy to carry out (unobtrusive, no need to take clothes off), patients just love it!
thick a holistic therapy, beside physiological effects it has significant psycho-therapeutic ones
thick it’s safe

Topics of seminars on auricular medicine




 AuriculotherapyOur Health Center offers several special services, combining the best methods of the western medicine and the traditional eastern healing in health protection and recreation, which can help you to mine human resources at your company, support your staff to reach better physical and mental state, to improve their abilities and make better use of it.
As an example, we would like to mention our training to give up smoking, of which success is due to the parallel use of acupuncture and psychology. During our personality developing trainings, beside the achievements of western psychology we also use the eastern self-developing methods which are based on thousands of years of practise. Read more>>

MeriDiM® PC Digital Meridian-Diagnostics

Meridian Digital Measuring Instrument


We recommend MeriDiM® which is designed for the general evaluation of human health for all those practitioners, who aim to blend the very best features of Western medicine and Eastern traditional healing in their work either as therapists or lecturers.

Dr. István Széchenyi, psychologist and acupuncture therapist (CV>>) has developed his MeriDiM® system, the Meridian Digital Measuring Device on the basis of the laws of Chinese traditional healing, Japanese ( Dr Nakatani's ) Ryodoraku technique, Dr. Paul Nogier's system and his 18-year-long therapeutical, educational and research work together with those of Western technologies.

Why do we recommend MeriDiM?

  • we ha ave developed based on the laws of Chinese traditional healing and Japanese Ryodoraku technique together with those of Western technologies
  • It is quick and easy to use - its measurements are reliable
  • The 3 minute measurement phase is directed and controlled by a computer software
  • Data are presented clearly and in a state of the art form both visually and textually
  • Dual system of therapy recommendations
  • Individual auriculotherapy recommendations based on the actual measurements
  • Complete database with auriculotherapeutical recommendations for about 180 disorders
  • Point search function which can be applied to detect and locate active ear acupuncture points and zones  Webshop/Order

Read more >>>


'Ear Acupuncture in Practice'  - written and edited by Dr. István Széchenyi. In the book there are therapeutical protocol for 160 different disturbances, illnesses. Its unique feature is that instead of graphics, there are photos taken in a professional studio in order to help readers to localize the neccessary auricular points. >>>more
We happily greet our 1000th customer, a healer from Hawaii, who ordered our practical new book about auricular therapy (ear acupuncture) just now.
Enclosed we have forwarded an auricular map gratis!
We wish you good luck and successful work by the help of the book and the map!
Dr. István Széchenyi and the staff of Széchenyi Healing Center

(for the related book and map)
Description (names) of points on the map consisting of 191 ear acupoints
(supplementary handbook) more>>

A unique ear acupuncture map with 191 therapy points are available from the 10th of February, 2008.  A professional photo with correct graphics nagivate auricular therapists and enable them to heal effectively.
The size of the map is 660*600 mm, its price: 35 EUR   >>>more
Practical, convenient size EAR MAP – small size variation of the original, printed onto art canvas.
Its size: 25X38 cms. Price: 10EUR
Due to its shrinked size, it is carried easily. Durable, non-creasing, but if needed, it can be washed and

" Auricular Addictology" ( Acudetox 5 point protocol) , written and edited by Dr. István Széchenyi

Essence and Benefits of Acudetox
(Application areas)
It is essential  that Acudetox can be applied  either in case of chemical (alcohol, nicotin, drugs, medicines related) and habitual addictions (playing games, eating disorders, taking revenge, etc.) or in crisis intervention and PTSD
  • by Acudetox withdrawal symptoms can be decreased or eliminated
  • – craving for the chemicals can be decreased or eliminated;
  • – possibility for prompt help (in case of suicidal patients!);
  • – harmonizing the vegetative nervous system in case of gastric or sleep-related disorders;
  • – it is non-verbal, so it can be applied regardless of cultural and mental dispositions;
  • – it can be applied in ambulancies, it does not require hospital treatments. So the treatment has not got negative effects on work, neither has it side effects.
  • it is not required that patients believe in the method. Treatment can be started any time and it is not expensive;
  • therapists can learn it easily, and patients can reach it easily;
  • treatment can be done either individually or in groups. Groups have benefits: the patient in therapy is together with those who are in an improved state physically and mentally;
  • The environments the patients meet, are not of hospital-like – they are warm, friendly,  and genuine



Learn how to learn effectively! Individual or group courses help you to learn the techniques of the ancient Greek speakers (different memory strategies) who were able to give lectures for hours without reading papers. Learning will become a game!


HEALTH PRESERVATION, PREVENTION (Combined therapies acupuncture and psychological counseling)
Holistic, general (body-soul-mind health) program that includes:
  • TCM: Meridian-diagnostics
  • - Computerized energy level measure of the meridians based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • - Allergy – complementary treatment

Ear Acupuncture

  • - Weight loss and detoxification
  • Quit smoking program with ear acupuncture
  • - Treating Psychosomatic Diseases
  • - Stress solution, treating fear, anxiety and burn out problems with ear acupuncture and relaxing methods
  • - Relaxation and Autogen Training
  • - Meditation
  • - Treating Sleeping Disturbances
  • - Treating Addictions (nicotine, alcohol, drug, medicines) and prevention of falling back

- The PSYCHO-WELLNESS service is set individually resorted occasionally or with tenement. Apply at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +36-30/949-3756This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it