‘Do at least one good thing in this life instead of becoming a lexicon of good intensions’                                                                                                                 Sri Chinmoy
The aim of our Health Center is to combine the best methods of the western medicine and the traditional eastern healing that can be used in healing processes as well as in the development of human researches. Everyone is welcome to our Ear-acupuncture course not only those who want to do an exam but those who want to extend their knowledge. Our NADA 5 point protocoll course provides extensive knowledge with the help of our specialist who graduated the course of the well known International Acupuncture and Detoxification Association (NADA) and is a member of the Registered National Specialists and graduated in acupuncture at the Hajnal Imre University of Medicine.
The best specialists participate in our other courses (Health Service, Alternative Medicine, Kinesiology). see: our trainers
Trainings fulfill the requirements of statutory order for Alternative Medicine (40/1997, 11/1997). After graduating our courses an exam can be done at the Continuation and Specialization of Health Institute. After a successful exam the student receives a recognized diploma and becomes a member of the Registered National Health Specialists.
                                                                                                                Dr. István Széchenyi
                                                                                                   Head of Széchenyi Health Center