If you want to be healthy, just plan and go!
Based on 14 years of experience our Health Center offers addicts of all sorts
a unique and tailor-made method. It is based on an internationally known, effective American method as well as on pshychological training for clients.
Detoxification and the rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system is applied in accordance with Western medicine, meanwhile disharmony in the human energy system is to be eliminated in accordance with Eastern healing.

 What do we do?

  • 1. During the therapy session we stimulate certain points of the external ear. Stimuli are given either by sterile acupuncture needles, mild electricity, medical laser or combining the first two, as well as by the use of small kernels, little magnetic balls and so on. A session lasts about 45-50 minutes. In the end tiny permanent needles (1,5 mm long) are placed into certain points of the outer ear. Those are fixed by small squares of skin-coloured plasters so in this way they are almost invisible, however they can work by stimulating acupuncture points as needed until the next session.
  • 2. During the first session we talk with clients about the favourable aspects and no so favourable effects of smoking. It is important to note that a strong will on part of the individual is not needed in order to achieve success. What we need is only a definite willingness to quit bad habits.
    Why are our methods to give up addictions more favourable than others?

Our Health Center is aimed at not just eliminating drugs from the body through an active participation of the client, but also at eliminating habitual drug abuse.

Addiction is present on two levels:

1. Psychological –  as drugs help cope with stress and provide mental support in fearsome or dull moments. That is why it is difficult for clients to go through the period of acquittal, and that is why they think of life as awful during that time without drugs (such as cigarettes or alcohol).

2. Chemical -  as the body has got used to drugs (they have been built into its metabolism). So a sudden elimination of  chemicals would induce problems of all sorts from dull headache to irritability and can be combined with an increase of concentration, insomnia, a sense of fear, depression or a sense of choking (in case of smokers).
Combining the techniques of ear acupuncture and psychology we offer you the help of a professional therapist trained by an internationally known American association in the following aspects:

I.   To get free from the slavery of chemicals
Our Health Center conducts effective training sessions to eliminate the use of chemicals (alcohol, drugs and tranquilizers).  Those who smoke strongly (2 packets a day) can become non-smokers during 5-10 days without the onslaught of unfavourable side effects (nervousness, shivering of hands, agressiveness).

II. To detoxify the body
Nowadays a lot of unhealthy substance can find their ways into our bodies either by food or by inhaling the air. By detoxification those substances can be eliminated, and in its wake we can experience several favourable effects to our health.

Favourable effects of the therapy:

• Acupuncture is a method recommended by WHO for the elimination of drug abuse.
• Through that method we detoxify the body already used to chemicals (nicotine, alcohol, drugs). So we do not replace them; toxic substances are not administered from the outside (e.g. in the form of plasters), but  biologically harmful substances are aliminated from the body.
• We decrease or eliminate nicotine cravings or other symptoms arising over the period of therapy.
• We balance the autonomic nervous system (eliminating gastric problems or sleeping problems).
• You can keep your privacy – the method is all-round and effective against all kinds of chemicals, so one is not supposed to reveal his or her addiction.
•  It can be applied well regardless to cultural background or emotional state.
•  It has no unfavourable side-effects.
•  The aim is not only the elimination of addictions, but also to improve  the clients’ self-esteem, to help create an ability for control.
 To give up smoking is very good for our health in several ways:
• After 20 minutes: blood pressure and pulse get to normal, circulation improves
• After 8 hours: the level of carbon-monoxide in blood decreases; physical state improves
• After 48 hours: carbon-monoxide disappears from blood stream
• 2-3 days later: less mucus in the throat; breathing problems and coughing decrease
•  5-7 days later: taste and smell improve; breath gets fresher; teeth become cleaner and the client feel more energetic
•  2-3 weeks later: symptoms of cravings decrease, and the patient can forget about smoking for several hours
•  2-3 weeks later: risks of blood clots decrease
•  4 weeks later: coughing and heavy breathing stop. There is less fatique, more energy; immune functions improve
•  2-3 months later: breathing functions improve by 5%
•  A year later: the risk of developing heart-related and venal problems decreases by 50%
•  2-3 years later: the risks of severe pneumonia, respiratory problems and the flu are not higher compared to those who never smoked
•  5 years later: decrease by 50%
•  5-10 years later: the risks of cardiovascular diseases and thrombosis are the same as in the case of those who never smoked
•  10 years later: the risk of lung cancer drops by 50%, the danger of ostheoporosis is smaller
• 15-20 years later: the risks of cancer of the lungs, the larynx, the gullet and the bladder is the same as in the non-smoker population

In addition to considerably improving our health by giving up smoking, acupuncture techniques as they are done in our Health Center can help – as a secondary effect and without the harmful side effects of medicines – eliminate several problems and symptoms:
• decrease pains in organs and muscles
• relaxe muscles of intestines (ease the spams of the bladder and venal inflammation)
• decrease sweating
• regulate high and low blood pressure
• soothe the brain
• tranquilize and control
• decrease pain and fear
• eliminate insomnia and nightmares
• decrease fever and inflammation
• soothe coughing
• ease the symptoms of the flu
• harmonize circulatory disturbances and heart rythm if the problem is of nervous origin
• cleanse the blood, eliminate toxic substances from it
Positive effects can be expected in case of the followings:
• kidney disturbances of different origin
• inflammation of the bladder and sexual organs
• disturbances of sexual potence and of gynecologycal origin
• bone fractures and other structural problems of the bones
• ear problems, partial loss of hearing and deafness
• loss of hair
• nervous disorders
• sense of fear
• immune functions
• disorders of the liver: acute and chronic cyrrhosis
• muscular tremors by controlling and regulating the activity of muscles, tendons, ligaments
• bowel disorders, flatulence
• haematological problems
• anger and tension
• dazzling of the eye, hazy vision
• respiratory problems: asthma, tuberculosis, coughing, influenza, inflammation of accessory cavities
• in relation to both skin and lungs: control of perspiratory glands and night-time sweating
• oedema related to cardiovascular problems
• skin disturbances
• sadness, feeling of loss, mourning
• slow emptying of bowels (they become quicker)
• nasal problems

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