We are happy to inform you that the 2nd Auricular Addictology (NADA) Conference will be held in Hotel Gellért, Budapest on 1st of March, 2014.

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NADA Conference 2014
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Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,Hotel Gellért

After the 1st successful conference last spring we are here again convinced even more that such scientific meetings are much awaited and necessary to provide specialists an adequate forum for learning and open discussions of problems, news and state-of-the-art developments worldwide.

Our main topic in 2014: Our Everyday Addictions focusing on drug addictions, behavioural anomalies as well as the NADA 5-point treatment and its healing effects because
1. several kinds of addictions affect a great part of the Hungarian population;
2. addictions served as starting points for auricular acupuncture some decades ago.

We upkeep our efforts to help put this segment of alternative medicine to its right place it deserves as a very adequate means to treat drug addictions and PTSD as well as to intervene in crisis situations on the spot.

Our lecturers are those of colleagues with the most outstanding professional experiences, who do not only pass on their knowledge during their lecture but also give answers to the questions asked by the audience.
The participation on the conference is considered a professional training, qualified for 18 points by the Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures (3699/2013.).
All those interested are warmly welcome!

Dr. István Széchenyi

President of the "TAO" National Acupuncture Assotiation, Hungary



Our Everyday Addictions:

  • drug addictions
  • behavioural anomalies
  • case studies
  • national and international studies



The Conference will be in Hotel Danubius Gellért, Budapest, Hungary

1111 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 1.
Tel: 06-1-889-5500
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Honlap: www.danubiushotels.hu


An exhibition of products will be organized during the Conference


prof. Dr. habil. Gabriella Hegyi MD.PhD.
Dr. Balázsné Horváth
Anikó Kocsis
Dr. Csilla Miltényi
Eszter Barbara Molnár, PhD. student
Dr. Le Thuy Oanh
Dr. László Puskás
Dr. Sándor Rideg
Katalin Ritecz
Dr. István Széchenyi
Dr. Ferenc Dániel Valki


The participation on the conference is considered a professional training, qualified for 18 points by the Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures (3699/2013.).



9:30–09:35 Opening ceremony

09:35–10:00     Why is that the NADA 5 points treatment can have a „wonderful” effect?
The 5 auricular acupuncture points in different auricular phases
Dr. István Széchenyi

10:00–10:30     The present Hungarian and international situation of complementary medicine
prof.Dr.habil Gabriella Hegyi MD. PhD

10:30–10:50      Auricular acupuncture: the ear as a microsystem
Eszter Molnár

10:50-11:20     Coffee break

11:20–11:50     The auricular acupuncture points of NADA protocol and the five elements
Dr. Ferenc Dániel Valki

11:50–12:10     Beyond addiction:  other beneficial effects of the NADA protocol. Case studies
Balázsné Dr. Horváth

12:10-12:30    The danger of prescription drugs in causing addiction
László Puskás Dr.

12:30-12:50    Consecrated flowers of grape – presentation of the Badacsony grape culture through the experiences of the Wine Equestrian         Order  Vinum Vulcanum
Attila Kugyela

12:50-13:50     Lunch break

13:50-14:10     Treatment of psychological dependency of giving up smoking
Dr. István Széchenyi

14:10-14:30     Supporting giving up smoking by thread implantation
Dr. Le Thuy Oanh

14:30-14:50     A NADA-5 as a complementary treatment in psychotherapies of the XXI. century.  
Anikó Kocsis

14:50-:15:20    Coffee break

15:20-15:40      A Hungarian and international results of the research of NADA protocol, diversification of its indications beyond chemical       dependencies
Dr. István Széchenyi
15:40-16:00      From a fellow sufferer to a fellow soldier. The effect of NADA protocol in sports and everyday life . Case descriptions
Katalin Ritecz

16:00-16:20    The NADA-protocol in the practice of otolaryngology
Csilla Miltényi Dr.

16:20-16:40    One immune system – two outlooks
Dr. Sándor Rideg

16:40-16:45    Closing ceremony

The Conference turned out to be a real success! Thank you for the lecturers and the participants!

Some of the opinions about the conference:


  • “I’ve been able to participate in a very high-standard conference, thank you”.
  • “It was a very well organized conference. Most of the lecturers were well-prepared and delivered a high quality lecture. Thank you for Dr. István Széchenyi for organizing it and carrying it into effect. The only thing I can do is to recommend to participate in the next one for all of my colleagues”!
  • “Thanks for the opportunity to achieve some first-hand experience about the existence of FÜA in Hungary during an official and professional occasion.
  • “Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the conference. It was of an extremely high standard. I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a day learning a lot and having some fun at the same time”.